Saturday, 8 October 2011

News 7th October 2011

Hello Widescreen Gamers!

A while since I've made a news post, MANY MANY changes having taken place since the last one. I'm continuing to re-arrange the layout of the page to try and make it look and work better for everyone. Hope this has been more of a help than a hindrance (any suggestions are welcome).

SmugMug has been sooooo amazing to work with as an image server. If you are a die hard fan (ooh, I should make a die hard wallpaper) of displaying your pics online, then this is without a doubt the best solution. I'm not being paid by SmugMug to say this either (I paid the $40 for sign up thank you very much!). Their support 'Heroes' are awesome, with responses to all my inane questions answered quickly and pleasantly! No Joke!!!

Next on the agenda... 'People making torrents of my wallpapers'... YES! Shock horror, someone has made and started distributing a torrent pack of images from this site. Who would do such a thing? ME! Yep, just a sample pack for people to download and distribute. Hoping it might drum up a few more visitors. You can download it HERE.

Zombies are a calling... must run!