Friday, 12 July 2013

News 11th July 2013 - STEAM SUMMER SALE

OK so lets just ignore the typically American, self-centered notion of having a global sale marketed as 'Summer' and get down to the vein scratching, geek peaking, nerd herding spectacular that is the STEAM SUMMER SALE!!!!

Here's what I've succumbed to so far:


Want to know how to farm cards the easy way, click HERE for a short list of games you can run easily in text mode and gather many games cards at once in the background. You can also just run multiple games in windows with low res and gather the rest like I'm doing. Currently have bioshock infinite, ionshock, magica, walking dead, triple town and surgeon sim all running with cards randomly appearing in my inventory (my cpu and gpu isn't liking me at the moment though).