Tuesday, 30 August 2011

NEWS 30th august 2011

Hmmmmmm I said for people to DONATE to my paypal... not spam my ad's. Now my account has been deleted and I am awaiting a response. So as it stands there have been zero donations to paypal and i've lost all i'd collected.

If you like coming here and downloading wallpapers I've either sourced or created myself (which is most mind you), please donate to me through paypal to recoupe at least some of the costs associated with running this site and the amount of time devoted to it. I'm talking about a donation of cents in the dollar will help me out.

Sorry to announce 50,000 hits on such a sombre note, but im out of pocket quite a bit thanks to some individuals. Who knows, maybe my account will be reactivated and all this can be put behind us.

Fingers crossed,


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