Saturday, 20 August 2011

NEWS 20th August 2011

I have just $_PAID_$ for a month of Pro access for MediaFire which should allow faster and ad free access to downloading files. To cover this I've placed a 'DONATE' button on the side as Google isn't living up to my expectations.

ALSO!!! There are new packs of backgrounds available for you to download, AND while I have a Pro account you can go to my server and download entire folders. CLICK HERE!

If 1% of visitors donated $1 I could more than pay for the server AND i'll get rid of ALL the ad's on my site!!!
So check your Paypal for spare coin and help me out.



P.S - Without DONATIONS my image server will revert to having pop-ups and there will be no ability to download folders either on the 19th of Sep or once 100GB has been downloaded.

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