Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dead Island

So I heard rumours that this wasn't very good, but after playing a few minutes I don't know what people are talking about. It gets an 8/10 from IGN with an editors choice so...

Oh did I forget to mention the 2 1/2hrs of modding I had to do in order to play in widescreen with the best settings for my system... Maybe those not committed to geekdom as much as I were justified in bad mouthing it. One shouldn't have to scour the net to make a game run 'properly' BUT I did, and it does, so there!!!

Here's what u need to do

Get this and follow the instructions:
Dead Island - HUD and Menu FIX

If this doesn't work properly, use this:
Dead Island Helper and use the custom config folder button to select the doc's\dead island\one folder.

Then watch this:

That's right, the tute is by ViciousXUSMC (click HERE for his wallpapers)

For my 2 x GTX 480's I had to tone down some of the mods Vicious gives in the tute, but my housemate put EVERYTHING on full with a GTX 570 @ 1920x1080 and it ran sweet. I'll be getting my 3rd 480 in a week so will be able to play with everything on super-max settings!