Wednesday, 19 October 2011


UPDATE 3: The new patch adds extra video settings so there isnt the need to edit the cfg if it runs without glitches


I know, I know... it's been a whole half a day and I haven't added any RAGE pics. Well here they are.

Now there are many questions that RAGE may force some of you to secrete, but here's one you may not have heard...


This is the biggest question in my mind when playing 'Borderlands 1.5'... ahhh I mean 'Fallout New Engine' oh crap... I mean 'Another buggy console port'. As most of you have already heard, the game is quite, quite buggy. The only one I've experienced so far is that textures take too long to load and as such pop in and out of focus... much like my own focus when trying to justify Bethesda's decision to make RAGE. If you ignore that and run around fast enough, the motion blur hides the texture bug a bit and you are transported to the wonderfully rendered world of Borderlands. It's nearly identical, right down to the way vehicles look... christ, even the fonts are similar.

Either RAGE is stepping on Borderlands toes, or BL2 will fall over RAGE on its way out the door. I'm left asking 'What is the point?' Don't get me wrong... a patch or two and this going to be the gaming equivalent of a T-Rex with frikin Lasers, but we already got the T-Rex of games in the Fallout series and Borderlands had a lot of laser pistols (OK the same one with different coloured stats, but you know what I mean).

Did the Borderfans get sick of all the DLC and want to fork out new cold hard cash for what at first glance looks like the same game? At least it plays in multi-mon (insert pokemon joke here) straight away and the hud is fine (AS IS THE CASE WITH SKYRIM!!!!! YES?????). Also it should run fine on most decent systems as there are little to no video settings available. 2xGTX 480's and it was almost perfect on 5760x1080 and x8 AA.

Just found a graphics tweak guide HERE. Might give that a go... but then again, the zombies in Dead Island are still calling me.


1.5 cause I hit the wrong button and have to type all this out again... ahhhhh

Ok so I have tried out some of the config file settings and I must say that they are definitely worth using. To apply them you need to create a file called 'rageconfig.cfg' in rage/base/ and fill it with your loathing and contempt for console ports and the developers who have yet to add these simple settings to the SETTINGS MENU! Sorry, it's just a bit stupid to have to go to this length dont you think. Anywho, try these settings:

vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 8192 
vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 8192 
vt_pageimagesizeunique 8192 
vt_pageimagesizevmtr 8192 
vt_maxaniso 4 
image_anisotropy 16
image_usecompression 0
cvaradd g_fov 12
com_skipIntroVideo 1
g_showplayershadow 1
m_smooth 0
com_AllowConsole 1
vt_usecudatranscode 2

The last 17 shots in the series are with these settings.

After trying these out I found my way to the next town and started to do some of the races. NOW I can answer the question as to WHY this game should be. I had to drag myself away to take comparison shots, write this... f*** it up... and write it again.

Here are the comparison shots:

Old settings:
Here is the last shot with standard settings...

New Settings:
Here is a comparison shot with the new settings. Kinda hard to tell? Look closely at the face and you can clearly see this image is a higher texture quality.

UPDATE 3: 2 new pics in widescreen, that's right, my setup is back to landscape!!!


    5760X1080 Ftw

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