Sunday, 16 October 2011

Portrait 2

Two things. 1) I'm waiting on a call back from Acer as someone needs to be bitched at for five minutes over their dodgy viewing angle claims. With anything less than BRIGHT, blacks on these screens in portrait mode are terrible. At 3 ft viewing, the distance between my eyes is too great, so much so that each eye is seeing a different shade of black and it bugs your eyes out.

Acer V243HL = Bad for portrait viewing!!!

So in short... Be very particular about your monitor purchase if you are thinking about portrait mode. It does look cool, some games are awesome on it, there's little FOV issues with games, BUT it does have its down sides.


  • Like a big screen TV
  • FOV not really an issue in game
  • 3rd person and driving games are great
  • Things look tall in game! (Buildings, Sky etc)


  • Some programs wont like your res
  • Vertical viewing angle of your monitors might not be adequate
  • Monitors might not be in sync (seriously, vertical bob watching movies in vlc was out)
  • Some websites (Ha, like mine) need greater than 1080 pixels to be viewed correctly
  • NO BLU RAY! That's right, I'll get to that


That is right people. Corel Windvd 11, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5, Cyberlink PowerDVD 11.
None of these will play back Blu Rays properly on a surround setup in portrait mode. They either have strange artifacts, wont play on one of the screens or just simply refuse to start. The only thing I found that worked was to use AnyDVD and open the disc, find the movie file and play using VLC, but now my copy has expired and I cant afford another just yet... also, this is a huge pain in the ass just to play a Blu Ray.

SOOOOO, I think I will rejoin the realm of landscape surround gaming. It was a fun idea and definitely worth it if you have better screens than me, but too much of a hassle. Should be receiving my 3rd GTX 480 sometime this week and looking forward to playing BATMAN AC (fighting crime and heatwaves across Gotham) and Skyrim, both of which I have on pre-order.

I shall leave you with some dodgy shots of my now obsolete portrait setup.